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Set up inital google accounts - Brian
Unbox, update Appslib, Install Arctools, Set up Google Marketplace with Google account(s)- Brian and Gabe
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Finalize agenda and experiment with book reader - Janice
PRE-Workshop UPDATE from BD.
As of Friday 7:00 AM 23 devices are set up, charged and ready for Wednesday. BD will do 10 more over the weekend.
For the curious - I have posted a step-by-step setup procedure page. Only 33 steps!
BD- Can i come over and help before the workshop? Let me know a time, and I'll be there. JS

Firmware Updates

A firmware update came out on May 11, 2011: Firmware Update Directions and features

Market Places

Android MarketPlace in 5 Minutes

No Android Marketplace, but it's easy to get. Follow these directions to enable the Android Market: (If you are inside the LAUSDnet firewall, sign in with your single sign on in another tab, then return to this page to play the video.)

I think this will work without having to reset everything, if adding the ArcTools app right out of the box. I'm not sure about this, however. I will need to test. Adding the ArcTools app, which allows you to install the Google Marketplace, opens up a whole new world of apps that are available for the Android Tablet.

The above procedure WILL work on any Archos tablet provided that no previous version of ArcTools has been enabled. That procedure will work on a tablet that is fresh out of the box:) We tested this method at work today.

Google Market Fix

The market place will be missing apps. Below is a video that shows how to get the Market to have some more (but not all) apps.
Android Missing Apps Market Fix (YouTube video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVzQ6ojvd0k
(I did the fix, and am still missing apps. For instance, I can't find the iPadio app, although I can find it fine on my Android phone.)

Procedure for Market fix in writing
1. Setting-->Manage Applications-->All-->Market: (Clear Cache then 'Force Stop) -- DO NOT clear data

2. Setting-->Manage Applications-->All-->Google Services Framework: (Clear data then 'Force Stop')

3. REBOOT again
Voila all set.

After the market fix, not all apps will be available. This is due to the fact that Google has apps that are device or Market (verizon, at&T etc) specific. Other apps that will not show up are apps that require the use of a GPS chip which the Archos 101 does not have. The Market does not display apps for which the tables cannot run or are incompatible.

General Information

http://www.arctablet.com/blog/ is a good news source.
http://www.androidcentral.com/ is a geat place to learn about all things android.


Essential Apps

Dolphin Browser
Flash Player 10.3

Education Apps

(The market is still growing in this area, but there are some good apps for content areas.)
http://www.androidapps.com/categories/737-education for a comprehensive list of educational apps.

Note Taking Apps

Sign up with an account with SimpleNote http://simplenoteapp.com/. Then install Mnote and maybe JadeNote.
It seems that the Archos 101 doesn't have much trouble adding text to a wiki,although the auto correct text entry s a little annoying. I just typed this paragraph using the tablet.

Audio/Podcasting Apps

Although I couldn't find iPadio in the marketplace, I was able to find the AudioBoo App. It's an okay app, but I prefer iPadio, since it does speech to text conversion. I will next attempt to install Google Voice, since it does have speech to text conversion.

Software update

The Archos 101 recently received a firmware update via OTA (Over The Air) from my playing around, the google market will not be affected if arctools was used to enable it.

The issue that we are having now is that we cannot access the market within our school network. Doing a little research, it appears that our network blocks out port TCP 5228 which is the port that is used to access the Android Market. Im not sure if this is a LAUSD network blocked port or a port that has been blocked by our IT. Department. I know once I connect the tablet via mobil hotspot using my 4g thunderbolt phone, the tablet works great with the Market. This will need to be looked into further by the local IT department at the school site. From my reading, once TCP port 5228 is open, then the tablets should not have a problem accessing the Android Market from school.

Let me investigate. It's happening here as well. I think I'll try to report it. I wonder if we can get it unblocked.

Day 2

Google Docs and then filling out the spreadsheet
Teacher share out

Apps to consider
  • Textfree
  • instafetch or everpaper
  • Diigo bookmarklet
  • Evernote
  • Dolphin Google Services
Other notes
Fast Web Installer - for installing apps from App Brain - needs a google account.

Installed Evernote
voice search
uninstalled Google Maps because of Latitude
searched in Apps Lib to see what was there:
Don't download and install apps that cost money but say Free (with 30 day trial) ie: OfficeSuite Professional
dropbox - not on apps lib - Do you want this kind of storage? only 2gb of storage

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