Archos 101 Workshop

Day 1 - Agenda - June 15th 3:30 - 5:00


Kevin Kilpatrick
Goal - Participants will become familiar with the Android operating system, learn to download apps, and find apps and websites to use in the classroom.

Setting Up the Tablet

Brian Defer
  • Turning on the device, sleep, and turning off
  • Volume/Ports on side
  • Set up the wireless connection
  • Charging the device
  • Navigating the operating system
    • home, menu, back, and search

Getting Familiar with the Tablet

Janice Stearns

Essential Apps and Classroom Examples

Gabe Sanchez
  • shortcuts to googleemail and isis with apps used in the classroom
  • PDF viewer for Dolphin Bowser
  • Aldiko Book Reader
  • Word viewer
  • content filtering on Google Apps Marketplace
  • Advanced Task Killer


  1. Open the Market App - (Google's Market)
  2. Download these apps from Market (Google's Market):
    • Advanced Task Killer
    • (the one on the AppsLib is outdated and doesn't work)
    • OverDrive Media Console (search overdrive)
  3. Explore the Market and download some apps to try out.
  4. Share at least one app on this form to share on Thursday.

Day 2 - Agenda - June 16th 3:30 - 5:00

Teachers share out apps.
Explore and learn.